Secure Hosting, Superior Firewall, Brute Force Protection

Avoid the attackers, hackers and malware issues that plague traditional hosts by switching to Barricade Host.

Be Safe

Have Confidence

Block Trouble

We’ve Got Your Back

No Worries When You’re Hosted with Barricade, a Secure Hosting Provider

Barricade Host Enhances Security for your Website.

We include more security features by default than any other secure hosting provider, Including server level DDOS protection, WAF Firewall, SSL Certificate, At-Risk Port Blocking and more.

See for yourself how Barricade Host will keep you safe and secure!

¬†Purchase Barricade’s Secure Hosting Services

  • Barricade Standard Hosting
    $10 Monthly
    • Firewall
    • IP monitoring/Blocking
    • Cpanel Hosting
    • SSL Certificate
    • Semi Private IP
    • At-risk Port Blocking
    • CSX Scanner

Purchase a Barricade Host secure hosting service plan and your safe server will be setup and deployed in less than 30 minutes.

Hosting Account details and login will be sent to you, along with a document containing helpful safety/security tips and hints at how to keep safe. (hint: strong passwords is a big one!).

Customize your server with various options to get a scaled hosting and support plan that’s right for you.

*Your SSL certificate may take up to 24 hours to activate

Get Behind Us, With a Barricade Secure Hosting Service Plan